Reception December 9th at 3:00pm


by Jia Zhou

At the Gannett Gallery

Jia Zhou was born in Nanchang, China in 1990. Jia Zhou graduated from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in 2011 with a degree in Ceramic Design. She then obtained her Master of Art degree at Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal college in 2014, where she continued her studies in Chinese painting. She currently works as a full time artist and resides in both China and the United States. Jia continues her explorations in the many branches of the art world. Jia Zhou's vibrant works link the geosphere of physical art with the universal ethos of elemental art by basing her work firmly in her native Chinese traditional techniques whilst reaching out to classical western influences to produce work that pays homage to her homeland while also swimming deeply in the waters of many genres. Jia Zhou works privately yet uses modern technology to link with accomplished artists around the globe and liaises openly with them using their input to develop her rapidly advancing intrinsic yet expressive style. Her compositions are drawn from her drive to study flora, fauna and wildlife both around her and from the world at large and incorporate them into a style using ink and color on her beloved rice paper.

Since 2014 she has appeared in exhibitions in Austria and Italy. In her homeland, her work has been shown in numerous places and her ink work is well known for its subtle background contrasting with the vivacious hues of the subject matter. Her whole production process challenges the world of art to look, think and then become one.

Van Gogh took eastern art and incorporated it into western techniques. Jia Zhou is attempting, in a very subtle, shy way to do the opposite. Her art says you must look and then really look because her message is for everyone, but very subtly. Artistic vision is rare, private artistic vision that speaks to the world is rarer yet.